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JaamZIN Creative


Artists reflecting on coronavirus crisis

23th of March - 22th of April 2020


Click on the picture to see the exhibited artworks in magazine format



Mieke Noordegraaf

So here we are. No school, no work to go to, no structure. Let’s embrace this. And more important. Don’t fill it in immediately. Do not take control. Have faith in how things will evolve. New patrons will establish. New and beautiful things will grow. So step back. And stay open for true connection with them close to you. Parents please have trust in your children. They especially find ways. They will burst in creativity and connect deeper with siblings and friends. Feel free. Focus on your own inner yourney. Ask questions. Break with your patrons. Explore! Create! Love!



George Appletree

Born in Spain, I adopted my artist name and live now in the south of Portugal.

I'm a self taught independent photographer educated as a Naval  Architect.  Since the 90´s I've been taking photographs into several directions, for later focusing towards street photography, and at the end practising my own style, which includes analog, digital, pinhole and alternative photographs.




What joins us and put us now far one from another.


I think there’s a general lack of sense about the new situation. Biblical comparations can come to mind. Or, reflections like the world was living blindly settled in mass consumption and tourism. A kind of paradise mirage.


Things will be changed, perhaps to the worst, but perhaps it can lead us to a new sense of community.


Hanoi, Viet Nam | COVID-19 - Masks, Masks & More Masks

Sarosh Hussain

Viet Nam mitigates fallout of COVID-19 remarkably well considering China is her northern neighbor. The unitary communist form of government manages crises with immediate street closers, quarantine and tests.


Madrid Series - 2018

Fabiolla Loureiro

Passionate about photography since I know myself as a person, the result of my work today is an extensive study related to travel street photography for 11 years now. To travel and to photograph is how I achieve my freedom to the maximum. Is who I am, how I feel and express myself. Cold nights, noir environments and rainy seasons are my favourite themes. My biggest influence comes from names like Robert Capa, Daido Moriyama, Brassaï, André Kertész, Marc Riboud,  Saul Leiter, Inge Morath. The black and white is my main obsession.


In the current situation, ignorance kills more than the virus itself. This is not an actual photography, and yet, the gathering of people is still happening out there just like this picture. Religious events, spring break parties, political parades. The list is long. Unfortunately people still don't understand the severity of it. Some make fun of it. The depiction of this photography makes us question ourselves: at what cost comes the lack of responsibility and common sense?


Mauriliers Schoenmaekers

Mauriliers Schoenmaekers is a photographer, Poet living in the south of the Netherlands. Mauriliers is graduating this year at the art academy in Maasmechelen. As a final exam work, Mauriliers has made the photobook “Dwaaldromen” with photo’s and poems. He is trying to create a dream world in pitures and words. Take the viewers in his dream world. Most of the pictures are made in black and white. See the world in black and white. A colored world.


like a flash of light

changes my world

that I can no longer understand

a distance between dream and reality

I wash no longer my hands in innocence

my innocent smile disappears

and put my hand on my heart

Fear and panic.jpg

Ana Gilbert

I am a photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2005, I develop an authorial work in photography in parallel to my activities as a clinical psychologist and researcher. My interest in this form of artistic expression arose from studies on practices of looking; my involvement with images, words and imagination took me to an intersection between photography and literature, working with images as narratives.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created an extreme feeling of threat and vulnerability; an acute consciousness of our frailty and mortality as human beings, exposing us to our limitations and questioning our possibilities and capacities to tackle the ongoing crisis. Indeed, these are turbulent times and relevant measures are necessary to deal with the situation. We are experiencing anxiety and fear in levels that borders on panic. And panic doesn't help; panic paralyses. 

In this image, I focus on the feeling of fear in its conscious and unconscious aspects: the conscious aspect being the smallest part (the bird), the one that in association with rationality impels us to relevant actions; and the unconscious aspect as the biggest part (the amplified shadow) that can evolve to panic, can become disproportional as a projection, loses connection with reality and gets out of control.



Kaushik Dolui

Visual artist Kaushik Dolui is working and living in Kolkata. He graduated and completed Master Degree in Economics from Calcutta University. He participated in different photographic salons under FIAP and PSA patronages and won many awards/acceptances. His works were also published in Dodho, 24 works in editor's favourite in NatGeo, and Gold winner in Tokyo photo awards 2018 (tifa) in fine art/collage category.


"Firstly this is a Global crisis. Entire earth has been shaken. Sometimes I thought our

planet has been isolated and detached from the entire solar system/universe. I tried to establish this in a creative way."

unnamed (1).jpg

Michelle Hold

Michelle Hold is a German painter, who today lives and works near Milan, Italy. Her often large-scale abstract paintings are explorations of space, movement and freedom, as she captures the essence of feelings, emotions and the invisible energy that pervades the universe.


'Last minute call' uses the color red to draw attention to the current situation, asking us to change considering that we are part of this wonderful world, not the rulers and must live in harmony with earth. Let's imagine a future world where health and wellbeing was number one priority, where compassion and love spreads like the current virus.


„Mary“ 160 x 110 cm Acryl on canvas, 2017

Stephanie Nückel

Painter Stephanie Nückel was born in Göttingen in 1960. She went to Berlin in 1984, completed an art therapy study from 1991 to 1995 and then worked as an art teacher at the Cologne School of Art Therapy / Dependence Berlin.



Fear is a bad teacher.

Maybe this crisis is a chance to develop faith, awareness and gratitude. And to come closer in our hearts.

unnamed (3).jpg

Bernard Moutin

When I am asked about my work, I usually answer in a somewhat provocative way "I do PSEUDO-FIGURATIF Committed", which nevertheless corresponds to part of what I am trying to do.


My conviction is indeed that if painting takes shape thanks to the sensitivity of the painter, it must be underpinned, by the way he looks at the society in which he lives, and the perception he has of his developments. , of its particular events of its time (for example the Coronavirus. Even if it can finally prove to be eternal, it must for me be anchored in the world of today. Beyond the emotion felt, it must be able to have a meaning for the viewer. This is why purely abstract painting, which was an important historical moment, if it is only aimed at formal games, of colors and matter, seems to me personally a little today limited in its potential for expression and inquiry.


My paintings are therefore not abstractions. Nor do they aim at precise realism. The figuration simply supports the meaning. They are a representation and an interpretation of reality. They tell one (or more) story(s).

unnamed (2).jpg

Thia Path

The colors are the protagonists of my works. The colors that are not there and born and grow in the canvas. They are colors that carry childhood memories, travel, and nearby and distant places. Colors of nature and architecture, colors of Andean and Mediterranean villages, Africans and Indians. Vibrating colors that communicate emotions. Colors that enter into the heart, hypnotize the gaze and strike the mind as if it were the music of a great symphonic orchestra. Colors which speak with the observer and mark it, remaining in their memory. Colors that light and many teachers, as Markt Rothko, have taught me to love, pushing me to continue my research. My artworks are presented in private collections in the USA, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Norway and Hong Kong.


“Myblue” acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm


During this period, the color Blue entered in my palette from the main door, and it presented itself in an absolutely unexpected way. Perhaps because of what's going on, it didn't come by chance. In fact, blue is a symbol of harmony and balance, as well as calm, the color Blue has the power to relax bringing balance to the emotional sphere. Blue has the ability to normalize heart rate and pressure. It has a tendency, therefore, to relax the body and to remove the sense of anxiety. So I understood why he came to visit me, just when all this is and will be fundamental to living this particular moment for our life and that of our planet. A color that leads us to reflect and meditate, and which helps us to find a balance, which perhaps we had lost. And I dedicate the MyBlue to all of you!


The Struggle

Scott Gieske

I get input directly from nature. I leverage the natural world to help influence and create beautiful images. I send sheets of paper into the heart of nature, leaving them to the wind, the streams, and the forests. I place them in a natural environment for extended periods of time, letting mother nature imprint upon them what she would. The interplay between color and texture, creates intriguing and indescribable ambiances. The aesthetic production of nature, oriented in such a way, proves to be something fascinating, a finesse of refined compositions evoking feelings of harmony, motion and nature itself. My art evolved when I started to take the paper out of the natural environment and bring the images into a digital format to create the final composition. The collaboration between myself and nature produces beautiful, thought-provoking works of art.


The Struggle


What is struggle in life? Life struggle is when you want something very badly, you do hard work for that, but still you don’t get that thing. That is struggle! Even a rich man can face life struggle in finding happiness or sleep or peace or love.


.Nobody here to teach

Corona's in the air

TP is out of reach

Empty stores, empty sports

The drinks go down alone

But don't invite me out

'Cause you know I'll stay home

I can't see you, my mask blots out the sun

You see me walking real slow and avoiding everyone

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong

After the COVID19 has gone

unnamed (4).jpg

Gerardo La Porta

I am a self-taught artist, studying and secretly drawing I learned many techniques that brought out the ever-increasing desire to paint. With other local artists, we create a group that leads to making my art known through the Region, also in some other Italian cities. I have participated in many exhibitions abroad such as Malta, Venezuela, France, Ireland, Spain. After a 10-year break, I return to paint and start to exhibit between Salerno, Naples and Milan. It’s in Milan begins to be known in many galleries and also collaborate with online galleries such as Art Luxury Gallery, Artupia and Teelent. Recently I receive a Criticism Award at Valdara Prize 2019. My studio is in Pavia.


Keep safe yourself and looking forward, always. It’s not a theory, but


1- in this current situation is the proper message we should have in mind, there would be always a solution to the problem, looking forward and keep the faith.


2-The mask on my work is a provocation: the Art must look forward, have no fear and believe that its expression is always the success of their thought.

Nik Ad Social Distancing.jpg

SOCIAL DISTANCING / acrylic painting / 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches

Nik Ad

Nik Ad is a New York area artist. His direct, concept-driven works communicate complex issues and offer a revealing insight into the mechanisms that underlay them. The visual metaphors of his art possess the intellectual and aesthetic surprise that has a lasting effect on the mind and emotions of the viewer.


Social distancing, a term that with the advent of the coronavirus abruptly entered our collective psyche, represents a precarious state of being. When we’re deprived of our more or less regular daily routine, we are bound to succumb to anxieties. This is what my work wants to capture.

HEP ll.jpg

Sara LaMothe

Sara LaMothe was born in NYC and is the daughter of artist Yvan Lamothe, a Haitian immigrant whose art has been showcased nationally. Creative talent came naturally to Sara when by age seven she started creating abstract art using a single generic architecture's template and colored pencils. Utilizing basic household objects for outlines, along with a variety of templated shapes, her artwork illustrates designs from whimsical to chaotic cohesion.



The image is titled H.E.P. (Happiness, Energy, Peace) and was originally designed for a musician in S. Africa recently but I feel it can apply to today's corona crisis. When we focus on the negativity that surrounds us, we eliminate the chance of something positive occurring. It seems that collectively, the world is suffering, and with everyone talking about the suffering...we start to suffer more and more. This piece tries to remind you of the harmony and beauty that still surrounds us, but is being overshadowed. The purity of  apple blossoms or the songs of birds still exists, if we allow ourselves to notice.


MY TOWN IS EMPTY - 24 inches / 24 inches - Mixed Media On Canvas

Bansri Chavda

Bansri is an indian painter living and working in Mumbai. She thinks of herself as “a storyteller of the world about us”, raising the relevant questions about life, soul and awareness.  She works as an art professor teaching visual expressions at Ecole intuit.lab in Mumbai which is a Paris based Institute. She works with art galleries in Rome, Miami and Arizona.


My town is empty,

The flowers have wilted,

The children are silent ,

The streets are bare ,

just because - we care ! 

we will do what time demands - there are no borders drawn on the globe anymore ! 

its our fight ! 

we are in it together !

Really praying HOPE wins for everyone !



VAI TRA" “Vai Tra” is an Italian slag for sting don’t worry.“Not all the scary things are so tragic. Some times, the Time, give the right weight to the events.” So everything will be ok. Vai Tra!

40x50 cm
Ink on canvas

Stefano Borella

Stefano Borella (b. 1991) is an Italian artist and Illustrator known for his Black & White works made especially on paper and canvases. His artworks are inspired from the complex world of emotions and from their links with human identity. He love to draw human shapes, especially faces, open books over the intimate world of persons; faces which tells stories of joy, sorrows of the daily life which melt themselves into the other people’s experiences building the silent connection between creatures.For this reason his creations are usually made by flows of lines which connect all the elements of the composition, underlining this mystic union of everything. During the years his artistic development evolved, when needed, trough the use of a flat color (over the B&W) which need to highlight the key for a better comprehension of the composition. Loving the contrast between elements: black and white, present and future, youth and old age, etc. Stefano make a huge use of that, considering this the best way for highlighting a possible answers to the human’s existential questions.

unnamed (5).jpg

Karen Aruba

Karen Aruba is a self-taught illustrator based in Hong Kong specializing in illustrations related to travel and cultural theme. With a passion for art, she derives inspiration from everything she comes across by incorporating themes of travel, energy, peace, positive life values and happiness.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in late January in Asia, an online version of ‘A Picture Book about Coronavirus prevention’ was responded quickly and drawn for the kids. In collaboration with writer Marina Matt, who is studying doctorate in education, we wish to convey meaningful messages and positive vibes via storytelling and illustrations to the families and encourage parents and kids to take health precautions against virus in such a difficult time. This picture book let kids ask questions, respond, and learn to share responsibilities with family members. This Picture book is widely featured by many Hong Kong media and recommended by a lot of schools, educational and parental groups as online learning materials.

With the continuous spread of COVID-19 which has become a serious world issue, we need to bring energy to more people. Let’s join hands to protect the globe. Each of us has a role to play and protect our families.

Direct links of Picture Book: (English version) (Chinese version)

Thank you for spreading the positive vibes!



"Corona Love", drawing, black ink, yellow marker, 29,7x21 cm


Lukrezia is a self-taught painter, illustrator and stencil artist based in Vienna/Austria. She made her masters in art history (specialised in renaissance portraits and architecture), is working for a metal restorer and as a scientific researcher in industrial heritage.


"No matter what, love is the biggest and most important thing on earth. No crisis can change that fact and need."



Ronn van Etten

Ronn van Etten plays music and sings from age of 10. As self taught musician (vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys) he has released seven albums, all with original compositions in many, many styles, ranging from pop, blues to rock, funk, even classical.


The current nasty situation concerning the Corona virus effects many people, but also causes much panic and irrational behavior. Inspired by this I wrote a blues song, made a backing-music, recorded and released it. Partly to react upon all the misbehavior on one side, partly on the other side to send out some encouragement to everybody, with the simple message, that we should work together to overcome and get through this situation. The recording isn't fancy, but actually quite rough. Just wanted to get it out right away. The song will probably also appear on his 2020 album.




SKELETON OF THE GLOBAL SOCIETY255 coat hangers 84” x 72”

Adam Niklewicz

Adam Niklewicz is a sculptor whose work was featured and discussed in ARTnews, Art New England, Aesthetica, CNN Style, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, and The Huffington Post, among others. He has exhibited at contemporary art galleries throughout the USA and Europe.

The coronavirus-induced collective hysteria we’ve been experiencing globally, exposes the capitalist society for what it is; a spiritually impoverished, consumption and fear-driven structure.When stripped of its adornments the structure reveals a sad backbone of disposable, plastic coat hangers.



unnamed (6).jpg

"The Fighter"

Julie Putra

Julie is an Indonesian artist and also a design Lecturer at Pelita Harapan University. Her expertise is in watercolor and photo digital imaging. Most of her art is influenced by Van Gogh and Tim Burton also Post-Apocalyptic era. Lately, she is designing some artworks for the world-class composer and musician, Ananda Sukarlan for his pieces of music, books, and CD cover.

The Post-Apocalyptic era was always an inspiration when i made a work of art.

An era where humans try to survive to live, but the difference in this corona pandemic, we don't just fight for ourselves. Tick, tick, tick.. the time is ticking! Let's fight for life together!


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