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JaamZIN Creative


Graça Paz

13th of July - 12th of August 2020

Freelance artist


Graça Paz is an artist born in the late 60s in Porto, Portugal who’s found a home in the silent and picturesque northern Portuguese countryside. She’s been highly influenced by her musical upbringing and by her natural interest in emotional psychology. Through her work, Graça uses geometric abstraction as a means to express classical music's emotional and psychological impact in the human psyche. Through her large-scale watercolor work, Graça is on a journey to mastering the subliminal balance between the structure of geometry and the fluidity of water. Graça originally studied Fashion Design in her 20s at the Cooperative de Arte in Porto.


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How did your musical upbringing and your natural interest in emotional psychology influence on your painting and art? What subject(s) do you painting?

I have come to the conclusion, throughout my life that the two are related. Music and psychology. I grew up with a father who worked with music, especially classical music and was a real lover of what he did. He used to come home at night, close himself in the room in a Zen moment, just him, and listen to music and at that hour I was already in bed and fell asleep, or woke up to the sound of Chopin and Bach ...

Also, my greatest pleasure was to be able to spend the day with him at the vinyl shop he had and help him with the customers, so it was almost impossible that this environment was not a strong catalyst for my work.

On the other hand, my interest in personal growth has always made me read about psychology and study which is something I love to do.

Later on, I only found fulfilment and direction with my work when I started to realize that if I had Bach playing my emotional biology would change completely and my painting would make sense.

That's how it started.

Also, I found that Yo-Yo- Ma the well-known cellist and ambassador for peace in the world, made this same analyzes. He said that he receives many letters of listeners that heard him play the Six suites for cello, and told him that listening to that music, made them improve in certain areas of their life. 


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What is your unique process?

I work on two fronts. With acrylic and watercolor. I am passionate about watercolor. However, each medium is a state of being and flows as I need more or less water. So I am always between these two processes. In acrylic I have also been bringing embroidery closer, being that I have a degree on fashion Design, I realize that nothing in our life happens by chance. Everything at a certain point makes a connection that unites a whole. I do research on hand-made and sustainable paper and try to find pigments in the world that are also manual and unique in their intensity.


Homeostasis .jpeg

Why is the geometric abstraction and not other forms being 'chosen'? Which was the first time you learn that you could create this?


I started with the figurative, but I quickly realized that there is a big difference between the act of painting figurative and abstract and that the abstract is a deep inner and personal search that is directly linked to the same source where Bach was also going, and psychology to. The geometrical appeared immediately and intuitively as the expression that gave a certain order to my interior in relation to the way as I wanted it to be read abroad. Geometric work never wears me out. On the contrary, it evolves with the author and from the author to the collector. It brings the same air we both breathe.


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Could you elaborate more on this psychological impact in the human psyche of your art?

it is impossible not to highlight the two. Art is a form of inner healing for both the artist and the person who relates to a specific work of art. Meaning social, cultural, political, and individual. 

Also in the use of colour, there is a healing process.

Art is a means of expression, the most ancient that humanity knows, therefore, we as human beings for our physical, mental and spiritual balance need to live the art. Let us be lived by it.


Grid series 1.jpeg

What is your secret in mastering the subliminal balance between the structure of geometry and the fluidity of water?


I love this question. Water is the greatest source of driving and teaching that we will ever have. Water cannot be controlled, it has a life of its own and knows how to live it without tension. Geometry carries with it some tension which, on the other hand, when organizing the neighboring space frees it. The connection of the two is like knowing how to live in balance, with a tidy mind knowing that at any moment everything can change and that everything is fine. The water in my painting has a life of its own that I don't use as a medium, but it uses me. I lie down with painting and during the night I know that while the painting dries, no matter how geometric it is, water will have the last word and I love this surprise effect. I trust him intrinsically.


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