Angelo Darko Goskel

Doesn’t Exist - I remember, a lot of years ago, I dreamed with a wonderful place, it seems like an ecological park, with a roses arc in the entrance, full of live, water, trees, nature in a giant place… I remember a beautiful woman in that place, with a white dress, and always smiling… but recently, I dreamed that I traveled to that place, I was very happy and I imagined all the things that I could do… unfortunately, even in my dreams the destruction exist, the place was abandoned, the roses arc was dead, and the grate was closed and rusted, dead trees, dry lakes… forgotten… I got very sad, there is nothing here… I didn’t find that place so dreamed, nor to the woman… It doesn’t exist anymore.

I'm Angelo Darko Goskel (artistic pseudonym) I live in Mexico and I'm very happy to be here. I was born in 1992, since I was a child, I always liked artistic activities, I started to draw and paint with school paint hahaha! I never attended courses or graduated from an art school, it has simply been empirical knowledge, I mean, has been the dedication and effort of always wanting to be better than before.

Full Mind & Childish - Sometimes I feel very tired of my situation, and sometimes my mind is full, I feel broken, I feel “out-of-order”, and before to explode, I began to draw and when I finished, I had a strange sensation, I felt that I expressed my mind in that time but at same, I felt childish, as if I had returned in the time and I had let it out something hidden in my memories.

I know that I still have a long way to go, the goal isn't to surrender. Regarding my life, it's a little hard, I have lived many difficult things and "unreal" things, sometimes I get very angry or very sad or very inspired, too extreme hahaha! But that helps me to make my own original art. In this case, drawing for me is like entering a state of consciousness different from reality, where there’s no time or space; it’s like being in another dimension.

Puppet - That night, I just tried to draw something, but I had no idea what to do. I concentrated on myself, searching among my deepest thoughts, and I found it, I saw a puppet, between lights and shadows, hanging from strings that came from nothing, with a prefabricated face, which couldn’t express anything else, like a permanent mask.

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