Artist Angelo Darko Goskel

METAMORPHOSIS - THE BEAST "Burning inside, the fire emanates from me, an incessant flame, rooted in the bed of my being, ignite the anger that reflected in my eyes and my skin... The fire beast has been released from its chains and with an unbearable heat and superhuman strength... it must end with anything that's postrated in front of it... Advantage or danger? Playing in a paradox like a double-edged sword, in any of the options, there will be consequences..."

Hi, I'm Angelo Darko Goskel, It's a great pleasure for me to be with JaamZIN again, I was in the issue of "August 2018", and I'm really happy now. I was born in Mexico, and always I liked the art in all its expressions.

CONES I decided to take a trip to the mountain, in the "Jalisco" state, the town is called "Mazamitla", a wooded area in the middle of rivers and waterfalls. Unfortunately it rained a lot so many photos there aren't, fortunately I like the rain and enjoy it in a cabin with a fireplace, I put these pine cones that I found.

And now, I have a second opportunity to share my work with you, hope you like it. I'm preparing  new content for my social networks and website, please be patient hehe!

GHOST "Memories from the past are coming again... That morning I woke up very early, even though it had already dawned, the atmosphere felt cold... when looking, you weren't... I looked for you and I didn't find you. You left overnight, and I felt guilty, because I could not tell you anything better than 'I'll call you later'... too late... "

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