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Artist Barbara Kuebel

I’m inspired by people and their interaction as a group. I want to create impressions through fictive characters in a simplified and artificial environment and intend to give the viewer the reduced idea of a real and possible situation that is shaped by spontaneous emotion, aggression, affection, isolation and social density. The theme of a constructed and fooled reality as a result of actual dynamics is a reoccurring inspiration to me which I try to investigate in series of works that correspond with each other. The works I create are characterised by strong graphic elements resulting from pencil strokes which I see as the most important carrier of visual information. I’m is not specifically interested in the description of the figure rather than gesture as the most important quality to describe a physical scenery.

Born and raised in Austria

1995 Class of Painting, Art Education & Art/ Craft - Academy of Fine Art Vienna Austria/

BSc (hons) Psychology and MS Forensic Psychology (Program Evaluation and Program Planning in Forensic Settings) The Open University & Walden University.

Artist in Residency Institut Hartheim/ A

Movimento Linz/ Centre for contemporary art.

Space for contemporary art Academy of Fine Art Vienna. Fragmented Reality.

Fondation Fernet-Branca, Saint Louise, France. Singers from Outer Space

Xylon 141, Member of Xylon Switzerland, association for woodcutting and printing.

Bricklane Gallery, London UK

Nextcomic, Festival for International Comic Art, Linz Austria

Schau mich an/ Viennese Portraits, Hermesvilla/ Vienna

Government Plaza Gallery, Mobile, Alabama – USA

Biennale Douro, Portugal 2019/2020/ Printing & Graphic Art.

Represented by Sophiella Gallery Mobile, Alabama.

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