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My art is inspired by the mysteries of the known and the unknown. I have a 2 word( item) paint challenge. For example a friend will say 2 items such as breakfast and grassy law. I do my best to create an abstract expression of the challenge words and hopefully it comes out resembling the challenge set to me!

I love a good art challenge and I love Jackson Pollock and Janet Sobel work and they absolute amazing ones they brought to the art world!

This is one of my challenge paintings. I was give two things: Mardi Gras and Jelly beans! Thus “Jellybon Street” was born! Bourbon Street had many secret to spill. This inspirational challenge Made me bring in the dark and shady colors of the Louisiana Night and slamming it with the seasonal bright colors of Mardi Gras to give it a fun pop ! I think I nailed this challenge!

Have an idea for a challenge, message me at

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