Artist Naki Narh

WE THE PEOPLE Acrylic on Canvas 79 x 236 in. (200 x 600 cm.) 2019

Naki Narh is an artist and MA Contemporary Art graduate at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She is an artist of Ghanaian descent of two homes- London and Accra. Her works have been sold internationally with the majority of her clients residing as far afield as France, U.S.A, U.K as well as Ghana, Nigeria and Angola. Her work currently draws inspiration from a plethora of tropes and concerns which are quintessentially Ghanaian. Specifically, these revolve around explorations of self and identity social and personal conscience as well as social issues affecting her’s and many other developing countries in over sixty years of what should have been the post-independence honeymoon after British colonialists departed from Ghana’s shores. These ideas are expressed through the mediums of ink and acrylic on paper and canvas - with explosions of colour as distinctive features that mark a rapidly evolving signature style.

SYSTEMATIC DISARRAY I Acrylic on Canvas 39 x 59 in. (100 x 150cm.) 2017

Her love for art and architecture are more than expressions of self; they represent an amalgam of all that has moulded her – assimilation of the kaleidoscope of cultural & structural vibrancy and vitality of a life spent immersed in distinctly different cultures. Naki believes that “Art should primarily be shared” even at its most intense individualist.

THE GHANAIAN CONSCIENCE Acrylic on Canvas 79 x 236 in. (200 x 600 cm.) 2017

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