Artist Namita Panchal

I am a Artist(painter) and a Poet as well.. I have done Bachelors of Visual Arts (Painting) at The Maharaja Sayajirao University at Baroda, India and going to pursue MA Painting in UK. I create Visual Poetry in my Paintings. As a language, I express my ideas, thoughts, and experience in the painting and Poem.

Acrylic painting. Balcony of my House

Paintings are often beyond the reality. Its more then what we see, and more like the feeling one perceive on looking at the surrounding. I have painted landscapes through imagination and memory after a visit to that place and studied it carefully. Like the water that filters slowly down through the earth and comes out pure and fresh, important ideas passing through the sands of time are eventually rubbed clean and emerge as pure truth.

Still life

Even the paintings are aesthetically beautiful. I often paint my dream. It contains rhythm, balance, and other principles of design which makes it poetic. Painting is a way to show gratitude for what the nature has gifted us. It is one of the arts that connects me to the nature, the mysterious beauty that surrounds us.

Trees seems like brushes, Dancing n praising me to paint itself, Walnuts now turned to butterflies in search of Sky, But how could it, The world is so hot, no one is there My sky lies in the flowing colour, a Lamp of lotus floating, Tells me to paint itself.

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