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Country musician Carin Mari

Carin Mari
Carin Mari

Inspired by the mountains of Colorado where she was born and raised, Carin Mari is a songwriter from the heart who is passionate about playing her own brand of music. Country/Americana Music quickly became her passion summer of 2001. After sixteen years of continued dedication, her talents as a guitarist/singer/songwriter have won her numerous awards, including 2009 Entertainer and Songwriter of the year from the NACMA, Southwest Regional Winner for the Texaco Country Showdown, Female Vocalist/Female Entertainer of the year at South Plains College, and runner-up in the 2010 Texaco Country Showdown National Final.

Carin is still actively pursuing her dreams of being a professional singer, songwriter, and musician sharing her stories every chance she gets.

Carin's performance starts at about 06:00.

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