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Designer Guy Moorhouse

I’m an independent designer, developer, animator and would-be artist, with a decade and a half of experience. My practice has two strands – the first is in consulting and leading on product design with start ups and established businesses.

And the second is as an independent business owner, creating branding, websites, animation and art for select clients. I have worked with many businesses in both capacities including Headspace, Google, Facebook, the BBC, Virgin Atlantic, Vitsœ and many, many more.

These animations form part of my play series which can be viewed in more detail at Through my animations I seek to find ways to create unexpected, satisfying loops. My goal is to create self-contained moving artworks that take a short moment to grasp as they unfold, but which then lead to a pleasing resolution that you want to watch again.

More info:

Webshop: (coming very soon)

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