Designer Henrique Friedrichs

Alice - Alice is a commissioned digital painting portrait made to reflorish the beauty of the painted one, in which also through signs and other elements, aims to add self reflections about in a semiotic way.

Henrique Friedrichs is a brazilain Designer whose academic backgound is in Pos-graduating in Philosophy - PUCRS; Master in Strategic Design - University do Vale dos Sinos - Unisinos, graduated in Design also by the University do Vale dos Sinos - Unisinos, with an emphasis on strategic design.

Iorc - Iorc is a fan commissioned digital painting portrait of a Famous brazilian musician - named Tiago Iorc -, made to follow the subjectivity and aesthetics of the him and his latest works.

As a designer, works mainly on Graphic Design and Illustration - both analog and digital -, always aiming to attribute "subjectivity" to the illustrations, giving personality to works in a semiotic sense, so to speak; an aesthetic that flows between realism to reflections that flert with nowadays issues.

Yellow III - Is an eye study that follows a whole collection that intend to flert with realism, through digital painting, the strength and beauty of women that is synthetized on their eyes in all different shapes, colors and intentions at firts sight.

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