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Fashion photographer Natasha Wilson

Desert born and raised, fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has had a mutual passion for art & travel her entire life. Inspired by culture and each location’s color palette, she hopes her unique perspective flows vicariously through her photographs, and transports the viewer into a dream-like world. Her process usually includes painting her own hues over her images, and reducing the color palette to a cohesive blend of hues.

Where the Wild Things Are:

Is an ongoing series to raise awareness for the wild life sanctuary, @animaltracksinc! The animals at AT have previously been imprinted by humans before arriving because of black market trade, trying to keep undomesticated animals as pets, etc. Because of that, they have no chance of survival on their own. Animal Tracks (AT) is alive purely because of their love for all animals and have built a more than adequate home for their survivors. I have seen no greater team care for and love these animals, and because of that, I strongly wanted to help in anyway I can. You can read about each animal's background story and see the full series here:

Passion Fruit: Was a small beauty series I created to break out of my comfort zone of usually shooting wide/ story shots. This time, I wanted to tell a story through textures and colors and really focus on the model's features.

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