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Born in Middlesex but spending much of his childhood in Hampshire where he still records to this day, Feryl quickly noticed how city life versus seaside psyche touched his artistic endeavours. Feryl started his professional career as a solo artist back in 2012 under the guidance of music mentor Roy Perestrelo (Universal/ EMI/ Z1/ RED DOOR) helping him to craft his musical identity which led to the independent release of debut album "The Next Level" (Akademia award winner of Best Funk Album 2015).

Having fronted indie and pop-punk bands in Portsmouth and Southampton but moonlighting at live solo shows in London sparked an inwardly debate over making music for the commercial market whilst striving to produce music and visuals with meaningful content. This influence stays prominent in all of Feryl's writing which champions the promotion of self worth, being true to oneself and a wider connection to the universe.

FERYL launches the MIX video for "RELEASE", his 7 track EP reviewed by CelebMix and JaamZin.

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