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Filmmaker Chadaporn Mitinunwong

Chadaporn Mitinunwong grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. She was deeply interested in 3D design and artistry. Working close to directors and producers she learned the crucial primary goal of both hats. She moved to California to continue her studies of modern Film and Television. We have conducted a short interview with her.

Which is the biggest change you have ever made in your life?

I think the moment you had to give up your old life, your family and your country to follow your dreams and not knowing how long it will take was the most difficult change I had to adapt. As a woman who grew up with the arts, I always had aspirations to have a career in the arts. I started my journey as a 3D coordinator and a producer. I learned a lot from shadowing and associating myself with many great talented people. At some point, I really wanted to be a great visual storyteller and realized that direction was the right path for great storytelling. I tried for several years to learn more and trying to find a place that my vision could fit in. Although I had some of the greatest times of my life networking with talented people and being part of many productions, I realized it wasn’t exactly helping me to achieve my goal. I realized if I want to be a director, I really have to make a commitment. So, I decided to quit my job and move to California to pursue film making fulltime. 

How has a personal choice that you have made so far impacted you?

The decision to start my career from scratch made me feel like a fish out of water. But my belief on myself and my dream brought me so far. I wanted to be a creator who is able to tell a story with great visuals and characters. I wanted to be a storyteller but I knew nothing about it. I just knew that it’s truly fascinating and inspiring. The purpose of moving to USA was to start learning the basics and then gradually build a career. But it isn’t as easy it sounds. Although it’s a great place to start, there were many challenges I had to face. Through all that, I learned that the most important thing you need to have is your inner confidence and courage to fail and learn from your mistakes. It truly had a great impact on me. And I’m sure it will help a great deal to anyone who decides to pursue filmmaking.

Which level of determination do you think one needs to fulfill one's personal wishes? Who inspires you the most?

I would say I’m greatly inspired by my father. He raised me to be strong enough to make my own decisions and made me realize that the key to my success and my future lies in the choices I make. So, even though when I feel like something isn’t going right or the way I want, I always remember his wisdom and l try to find a way to get to the place I want to be. And that’s what you have to do. It sounds simple, but it is truly difficult task to achieve in real life. Not because it might not always put you in a better place, but because the journey you take to get there, matters.

What have you given up or sacrificed to be who you are today?

A stable life. What I mean is stepping out of my comfort zone forever. To pursue a filmmaking dream, I had to sacrifice and learn how to balance my time between my life, my job and my family so I would be able to have a gratified life. This is truly difficult when you have to choose sometimes. Let’s just say my journey to success is not without its bumps and bruises.  

What are your principles or philosophy in life?

It’s a broader question for me to answer. Before every choice I make I always ask myself whether it’s what I really want. Knowing yourself first before anything else is the most important thing in life. And it’s important to always give yourself time to reboot. Nothing in life comes easy. Every day an obstacle comes around to test you. Sometimes you just have to let go of your doubts and fears and face them because when one door closes another one always opens up. it’s all in yourself. So, no matter what way you go, the choice you make, it will determine the path of your future.

If you can tell your younger self a piece of good advice, what will you say?

My humble advice is that if you have a dream, the opinion of those who doesn’t matter, doesn’t count. Just go for it. Let the right people inspire you, guide you. But don’t let anyone choose your direction. Everything happens in life because of the choices we make so choose wisely. Regarding my film career, it’s really important that you don't lose your hope even though sometimes it seems impossible to carry on. Being in the film industry is like a game of chess. You need wits, you need luck and you need remarkable resilience and eventually with time and the help of right people you can build a successful career. So always find ways to keep yourself associated with those people and try to be a part of the culture. The louder you are, better the chance someone will hear your voice and pick you up. You may get the opportunity to show your talents and shine.

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