Freelance illustrator Jenya Hitz

This illustration was inspired by the stories written by Ernest Hemingway and F.Scott Fitzgerald - a meditation on love, money, beauty and decadence. Feeling of being lost, being alone in a shining crowd and inability to break the vicious circle: “I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world.”

Jenya Hitz is a freelance illustrator based in Zürich, Switzerland. Originally from Moscow, she graduated from the University of Arts in Zurich. Jenya's scope of work includes editorial illustration, advertising and pattern design as well as children's book illustration.

In my work I try to find out a perfect combination between abstract shapes and lines, unusual textures und bold colors. This portrait was inspired by vibrant shades of tropical birds. A colorful parrot sitting on the girl's shoulder symbolizes here an enchanted world of dreams we always chase for.

Dreamy and vibrant illustrations created by Jenya reflect mesmerizing inner world of the artist. Her passion is to produce beautiful sublime imagery inspired by nature, fashion, great people and above all -  elusive magic of the world surrounding us.  

One of the illustrations I made for my personal project, a drawn reportage about Marrakesh (book). Mint, cumin, saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cedar wood and orange blossom – the old city, Medina, hypnotizes you with an intoxicating mixture of fragrances and colors.

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