Freelance painter Sedigheh

No.168, Pears. Colored pencil & Acrylic on Paper. “When I saw these pears I liked how they were not perfect, having lots of brown spots and deformed bodies, yet so pretty.”

Sedigheh is a freelance painter, based in Japan. Her main subjects are ordinary things which she finds in her daily life. She loves seeing the potential beauty in their concepts, forms and colors and creating a painting to persuade people to see the beauty in mundane things.

No.165, Morning. Colored pencil & Acrylic on Paper. “This is our couch on a beautiful morning. The cushions seemed so lazy, lying on the couch. I wanted to capture the atmosphere as much as I can.”

She mostly works on paper with colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics. Sometimes using only one medium, sometimes mixing them.

No.132, Iran. Colored pencil on paper. “This painting is my beloved one. I have been living far from my homecountry and I miss it so much. It brings me beautiful memories.”

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