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Graphic artist Irina Novikova

I am a graphic artist from Minsk (Belarus).

Drawing began to interest me from an early age, the first subjects for me were Fantastic birds and animals. By my first education I am an art critic (State Academy of Slavic Cultures), by my second I am a graphic designer (MGTA).

The main techniques that I use are watercolor, ink, gouache, acrylic. I love experimenting and mixing different materials. I draw a lot on environmental topics. The first big series that I drew is the "Red Book" dedicated to rare and endangered species of animals and birds.

I do illustrations, invent various creatures and stories for them, draw nature and portraits. I like to do the whole line drawings, forming the composition first in my head. I am inspired by baroque music and black and white films. Recently, I have been leaning more and more towards symbolism.

Stories of little creatures

First I come up with a story, a character, I imagine a world in which a creature can live. They big and small run, think and live ...

"I look at you at your white hands and your clothes, I admire you and your gestures, your breathing .. I almost immediately noticed you among many people and wanted to see you again, I came after you and took you into the forest ... took you to where others cannot see you ... The night haze almost covered your eyes, it closed your ears and dishonored your brain .. There is nothing here but darkness ... "

Irina Novikova's art is an attempt to tell the story of a creature that could live in the world. Winged cat, unicorn, Pegasus are all fantastic creatures. Everyone, like people, has a soul, about which they are silent, the artist himself speaks for them. "My drawings are observations of my inner world."

I draw a lot from nature, but sketches are just the initial stage in my work. I form my images in my head, then transfer like a diligent copier to paper, first forming a spot and working on the details with a thin round line. "The Story of a Girl and a Wolf" was the first story I wrote. In it I wanted to tell the tale of an impossible and ancient love between man and animal.

"The story of wolves (dogs) in the city" is an image of a person living in a city where there are too many callous souls to help another. Living in a prickly contradictory world, these creatures are trying to save their inner world "from fears and helpless hopes ...". They find their only refuge in their memories. "Too little echo was in our yard, chickens were wandering, nibbling the grass of the horse and your face, for me it was endless and it seemed to me that I was no longer ... but there is only you in your world .."

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