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Graphic artist Irina Novikova

Lady and Unicorn
Lady and Unicorn

My name is Irina Novikova. I am a graphic artist. Drawing began to interest me from an early age, the first subjects for me were fantastic birds and animals. By my first education I am an art critic (State Academy of Slavic Cultures), by the second I am a graphic designer (MGTA).

She and the dragons
She and the dragons

In 2021, I became interested in collage, first gluing together small pieces from newspapers. Afterwards I started testing fabric and threads. My images are based on mythological subjects: all-consuming time, a journey to the other world where unicorns and dragons live. I love mythology, especially Greek and fairy tales. My collages are sometimes more like assemblages, in which there are metal elements and watch chains. The lace of time woven by a spider becomes the mourning veil of a widow who lost her family in a shipwreck. A wonderful blue unicorn meets a girl in the garden among flowers, pursued by a flying sun with a single eye.

My world is made up of small pieces of paper, fabric and thread, and every time I do another piece of work, I open the door to the invisible world of fantasy and dreams.

her past memories
Her past memories

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