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Graphic artist Siv Storøy

I think of my works as unfinished stories or scenes. My characters are influenced and inspired by my background from Northern-Norway, and carry a sub-tone of otherworldly and mysterious illusion to them. My most recent line of artwork consists solely of female personas, as I have always been fascinated by exploring strength and vulnerability in feminine archetypes. Through my artwork, I try to move into a interdisciplinary collaboration

between traditional, hand-crafted techniques and digital infusion. It is an exploration, allowing me to to use a variety of methods and angles in each work. No matter how many images I have created, every composition is still an experiment to me. My works inhabit a somewhat haunted and ethereal appearance, inviting the viewer to move into a space of juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.

The female personas, either presented on their own, or as part of a larger narrative scene, inhabit dreamy landscapes or worlds, inspired by stories, myths and fairytales, carrying a sub-tone of mystic illusion. Creating images with a technique structured and developed over years, her work allows her to constantly explore new ways of presenting them. Indeed, Storøy has developed her own visual vocabulary and distinct style; with details and precision she invites us to view the world as a mystical, ethereal and almost obscure illusion. Her works have been exhibited in London, Munich, Rome and New York.

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