Graphic artist Suzie-Q

I am French and I'm 49 years old. I live and work in Bordeaux. I draw mainly with felt pen. I began by present my flowery and graphic patterns by "dressing up" the rock and movie stars of the 50s / 60s / 70s. Today, my illustrations celebrate the woman, her sensuality, her desire and a certain retro atmosphere that is dear to me. I chose to represent what occupied my mind, sensuality, sex and desire.

The Swim: The woman’s quiet strength. Her power of attraction over men. The inverse image would not be so powerful.

I draw for my pleasure, not by conviction or militancy. I chose to welcome and make room in my life for what makes me feel good, without barriers. I prefer to represent women more than men or women with men. Probably because I am one and finally I talk about myself. It's a question of identification. I recognize myself in all those women I choose to draw. Through them it is my desire and my sensuality that I express. And one important thing in this is to make them exist without man. Desire, sensuality and sexuality can be lived alone or shared. I try to rehabilitate the hair and fat and a certain coolness and it's not a trivial matter.

Sweet: One lazy summer afternoon. When you’re alone and peaceful. And you can feel the air, the sun and dream. This is me.

I work from photos and most of the time the ones that I like come from the years before the 90s. All body styles can be beautiful. However, I have a preference for the bellies that are not flat, the sexes that are not depilated and the heavy breasts that are not redone. After "Les Louisettes" for my daughter Louise, I dedicate my second stage name to my daughter Suzie, referring to the title of Dale Hawkins, Suzie-Q (1957).

Chocolate: How you feel when you eat something you like and you let your mind and your body on the way to enjoy sex.

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