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Gus Fine Art

My name is Gus, I was born in a small village in the north of Spain but now I live in the Balearic Islands. Since I was very young, photography and art have always attracted me, I grew up seeing and reading books and works of great artists; Cartier-Bresson, Adams, magnificent impressionist painters.

I suppose that my lack of skill in painting is what has led me to do my work as I present it today, careful editions of my photographs, where I want the viewer to interact with them. I always start with my own images and usually combine two or three images. The majority include people because I consider the human being to be a fundamental part of the environment in which we live.

In my creative editions, I try to always try my own elements, but sometimes, when I don't find in my archive what I want, I buy in stock what I look for, these are few occasions, but I don't always have in my archive what goes through my mind. My creative editions are the fruit of what goes through my mind, I like to define myself as a "dream hunter", just as with photography time stops, that moment is saved forever, I try to transmit what goes through my mind and capture it, "hunt that dream or illusion" forever.

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Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Jul 27, 2020

Great Gus

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