Illustrator Anna Tzortzi

Athenian Nights

I am an artist based in Athens, working as a freelance illustrator. I have studied painting and sculpture in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Athens School of Fine Arts where I experimented with a variety of techniques and materials; ranging from watercolor/gouache painting and engraving, to wood installations and ceramic sculptures. Nowadays, I mostly create editorial illustrations and recently have started creating designs for wallpapers and textile prints for clothing.


In my work as an illustrator, I find it fascinating and challenging to be able to tell many short stories in one picture. My style extends from minimalist to more romantic and detailed illustrations, depending on the project that I am given. My creative process also varies, using both digital and hand-drawn methods and sometimes combining the two. Colour is critical to my work. I like to explore the emotional impact of each colour and study its significance and symbolism found in ancient and contemporary Greek visual and applied arts. The human form as it is depicted in Greek black figured vases and in modern woodcuts has also affected the way I draw my characters. I believe that knowledge and study of your cultural history can contribute a lot in finding your personal identity as an artist.

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