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Illustrator Mark Grace

Falcon around
Falcon Around

My name is Mark Grace and am an Artist and Illustrator based in Austin Texas. I do a lot of pencil sketching and Digital Illustrations. I grew up in the “Rat Fink’ era of Hot Rod Art. It is something that has always stuck with me, Monsters and Hot Rods, such fond memories of growing up. Now I relive those days through my Artwork.

Business rat
Business rat

I usually start with Pencil sketches, scan them into Photoshop and manipulate the images. I then open in Illustrator, correct shapes, play with colors & textures and review the final concept. Lastly, I open in Photoshop again to enhance colors and textures for the final image. The Illustrations that I have submitted here are actual Hot Rods, each with it’s own style and boldness. However, the Monsters are strictly figments of the imagination.


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