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Illustrator Olga Cardoso Pinto

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

tales from the quarantine
tales from the quarantine

Passionate about drawing and realistic & fanciful illustration, Olga, Portuguese born in

Angola, dedicates herself daily to projects that give body and color to texts and ideas,

whether in books, advertising or portraits in composition. She graduated in Fashion

Design, a profession to which she dedicated herself for years and which gave her the

ability to see beyond simply dressing and adorning the human body. Olga loves to

interpret elements and compositions with Nature and symbolism.

Dream and freedom live in my chest
Dream and freedom live in my chest

The artist shares her passions on her blog A Cor da Escrita, which are revealed in short

stories, poems and fiction writing, accompanied by illustrations of his own. In 2020, she

participated in both editions (May and December special) at the Illustrators Virtual Wall

of Bologna Children's Book Fair. Occasionally participates in exhibitions and written and

illustrated projects.

the romantic blue bird
the romantic blue bird

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