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Illustrator Pommes

I am Pommes. That’s german for french fries :) I’m an illustrator and graphic designer born, raised and studied (design) in Mannheim, Germany. Seems that I pretty much love this town and my wife, she's from Mannheim, too! She transforms my world into a huge all-you-can-eat donut store. Mmmmhhh donuts. I love fried stuff…and my couch and skateboards and black coffee. Ok, sorry. Now back to some serious stuff…

During the daytime I work for my pay check in an very lovely and familiar agency in the heart of the city but when the sun goes down, my coffee overdosed, deep fried mind tries to compensate all the clients feedback into my personal work with no ifs and buts. Yep. This is me. I am Pommes.

Here is some information about my current project „The handsome type“. It’s been now the forth time that I join the „36 days of type challenge“ on instagram. That means doing one letter and character each day and sharing it until your alphabet and numbers are done. I really really love this challenge, even if it turns into a hole lot of stress, because most of the illustrations I have to do after work on every specific day of the challenge. Seems that I’m the kind of designer that needs the pressure. I also need a kind of topic I can lean on to... I always go nuts when I imagine that I can draw or design really, I mean really REALLY, ANYTHING as an illustrator/designer. So this year I came up with six different colors and hands  doing different stuff. Until now, I think, this works out pretty well and I hope I can come up with some more little stories within the next letters.

If you want join my fried journey of illustration and design you can find me here:

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