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Illustrator Rachelle Meyer

Rachelle Meyer is an American illustrator living in Amsterdam, specializing in children's books and storytelling. In 2017, she started sketching fellow commuters on the NDSM ferry in a tiny sketchbook. It's a short but sweet trip of about 12 minutes, connecting her home in Amsterdam Noord with her studio in the center of town. Rachelle wants to launch a parallel career as an independent artist alongside her work as an illustrator for hire.

"I started drawing people in January, and the book ran out in May. What really struck me, as I leafed back through it afterwards, was that it told the story of the seasons changing. People were huddled in winter wraps at the beginning, and by the end they were standing on the open decks with their faces to the sun. The book started out in only black and grey tones, but I started adding little spots of color as the spring emerged. That evolution was why I felt compelled to film the sketchbook, because the scope of it was something more than the sum of its parts." - read our interview with Rachelle Meyer in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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