Illustrator Tom Humberstone

Fistful - "Fistful Of Pale" - An illustration for a new pale ale from a craft brewing company.

Tom Humberstone is an award-winning comic artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh.

He writes and draws non-fiction comics for The Nib, New Statesman, Vox, Buzzfeed and others.

His illustrations were used as part of Marco De Vincenzo's 2018 Spring collection.

BisexualDating - "Bisexual Dating" - Animated illustration for a Buzzfeed article on the lack of bisexual representation in pop culture.

He is the editor and publisher of the critically acclaimed UK comics anthology Solipsistic Pop and co-editor of Over The Line: An Introduction to Poetry Comics.

8thGrade - "Eighth Grade" - An illustration of the film Eighth Grade by Bo Burnham.

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