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Indie musician Andrew Hetherington

In the age of commodification few artists are driven by a pure love of creating. Andrew Hetherington is one of a rare breed : ‘I make music that moves my soul’ he says.

Andrew Hetherington is an Australian indie musician, songwriter and producer. One of life’s polymaths, Hetherington straddles these roles with confidence bringing a fierce originality yet still classic sound, forged by the music he grew up with. 80s retro-wave, laced with smooth synths, mellow guitars and achingly beautiful vocals meet the harmony and rhythms of classic pop. It’s addictive, something both new and familiar at the same time.

"For any of your readers who are fans of 80s style synthpop I would definitely recommend ‘Crystal Nights’. This is an uptempo song with lyrics and is quite a happy sounding track that has been getting good airplay and press for the last 3 months since it was released. It features authentic 80s style synth and a great vocal melody guaranteed to take the listener back to 1984."

Read our interview with Andrew at The Crazy Mind magazine.

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