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International Arts Collective presents FREE

Rose Alice and IAC present FREE 3 nights of contemporary ballet,  DJ and bars at York Hall, E2,  June 16th 17th 18th 2019
Rose Alice and IAC present FREE 3 nights of contemporary ballet, DJ and bars at York Hall, E2, June 16th 17th 18th 2019

Rose Alice is delighted to announce that her new work FREE will be performed by the International Arts Collective across three nights in June, at York Hall in East London. The inclusion of two bars, a live DJ and the lovely interior of York Hall should immediately indicate that this is no ordinary dance event.

After drinks at the bar, a one-hour sit-down performance will form the core of the evening. Set to newly composed live music, FREE is intended as a celebration of freedom in all its forms; political, personal, racial and gender freedoms, among others.

“More than anything, I want FREE to be about the power of fragility in protest,” said Alice. After the performance, the bars will reopen. The audience will be able to meet the cast and take to the dance-floor themselves. On a mission to bring dance, music and theatre into the future, Alice says; “I want to make dance less elitist, and encourage a wider audience to come and enjoy what we do.”

Rose Alice trained in classical ballet in Australia, France and Switzerland, and has extensive experience as a dancer. She was invited to Stuttgart to premiere her first work as choreographer, “The Waiting Room” which received rave reviews. She moved to Singapore in 2011 as head of dance for Gateway Entertainments productions and tours. One of the testimonials from that time is hard to ignore: “Rose Alice is the most extraordinary artist and individual I have ever worked with both on and off stage,” said Lisa Keegan of the Creative Production Group. Rose has performed and choreographed for clients such as Patek Philippe, Jaeger Le Couture, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Beijing Fashion week, Kevin Spacey and The Ritz Carlton.

Three years ago, she founded International Arts Collective as artistic director and choreographer, and they’ve performed in China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Paris, Barcelona and London. Commercial clients have included the RIBA, Tiffany & Co, BMW, Patek Philippe and Net-A-Porter and they’ve been featured in feature films too.

The musicians Rose has chosen to compose for FREE are similarly impressive. Meg Morley has composed for the Royal Ballet, Matthew Bourne and English National Ballet among others. Joost Hendrickx has worked with Chris Sharkey and Christophe de Bezenac, and is known as a key member of the jazz scene. Pianist Al MacSween performs regularly with artists such as Ruby Turner and Pee Wee Ellis among others.

The fifteen IAC dancers who will perform FREE, eclectic and fiercely original as they are, share a top-class foundation in classical ballet. The house-style honours the technical precisions of ballet and jazz - and catapults them into the future via exciting collaborations with kinetic lights, robotics and more. At York Hall, Rose hopes to create the kind of excitement that made Liz Alpe, teacher and choreographer say; “Rose Alice brings the vibrancy of Time Square to the world."

IAC recently began a partnership with ONYX dance studios in East London as their new base, so they now enjoy a safe and accepting work environment.

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