Interview with author and designer Shavonda Robinson

Shavonda Robinson is an award winning, published author of more 100 books. She is a fashion designer online business owner of Colorful Vibe Designs 3. We have conducted a short interview with her.

You are a multi talented artist dealing with writing, design and also music. Which of these do you consider as your main profile?

Thank you for the compliment I consider writing and designing both as My main profiles.

Your designs are indeed very colorful. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am a very vibrant, creative person The inspiration comes from my love for colors And nature.

What is the story of Colorful Vibe Designs 3?

The story behind Colorful Vibe Designs 3 one day I sitting at my computer and I wanted To design some book covers for my new website And what I created before my eyes really impressed me so I got this idea in my head Why don't I create an Designing Online Business Out of different products.

Do you run both the business and creative side of your design studio?

Yes, I run both side of my businesses.