Photographer Vincent Lee

My name is Vincent Lee. I'm a Taiwanese amateur photographer and I just started taking photograph for one year. I shoot almost everything and have variant styles depends on the elements and my feeling of the photograph. I'm now studying medicine in Lublin so most of my photos are taken in this city, which is a pretty, peaceful location in Poland.

This photo was shoot in Lublin, somewhere nearby the Lublin Castle. With the sunstars of the street lights and the light trails, I changed this photo into B/W version to make the elements in this photo even more outstanding than the color version.

​I've been thinking of shooting this scene for a very long time, even though it was a snowy view in my first imagination. As the reason that I'm going to graduate and leave Poland very soon, I think I should carry out the scene in my mind regardless of the weather.

I went on a shooting just for relax during Friday night (there're usually something interesting happen in this timing). I found this lady standing alone and smoking at the square of Lublin old town when others were gathering and having fun. I thought it looked quite emotional so I took the shot.

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