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La Quinta Essenza (The Quintessence)

The Quintessence (“ La Quinta Essenza”)

Alessandro Arrigo - Cristina Eidel

with Transcoding images in sound of Baruffetty (Michele Baruffetti)

An Exhibition: Curated by Oriana Picciolini

11-17 September 2018

Il Laboratorio Art Gallery – via del Moro, 49 – Roma (Trastevere)

Opening 11th September 2018

The quintessence, according to the Greece philosophy is a fifth essence, that is added with his particular properties to the foursome earth, water, fire and air. Alessandro Arrigo and Cristina Eidel have identified it with the light. Light, has not only the meaning of lighting, but is although the principle of life and this quality turns it into motion. Flying is a motif that recurs continually in the artistic research of both artists. In the last years their common as well as their individual works, are characterized by this leitmotiv. It is closely linked to the world of dreams. Dreams with their different feeling of time, space and motion helps us to approach the world surrounding us from a different point of view. The lamps of Cristina Eidel are short poetic tales. The subtile shades transform them in Japanese lanterns. The illustrations of Alessandro Arrigo open a particular view on the world of dreams through the lightness of flight. His last artistic research tries to bridge the gap between observer and artistic work. The viewer can illuminate his pictures touching them. His “luminous illustrations” create an intimate and very personal relationship between the artist, his work and the spectator. Following Alessandro's idea, contemplating works of art looks more like a meeting in which the parts are approaching to get to know each other. From 2014 Eidel and Arrigo share ideas and artistic works, that has given rise to projects like “Art Hotel” by Atelier del Granaio. The furniture realized for a series of art rooms, is inspired by a common artistic concept of beauty and harmony and the effort to bring it in places of everyday life. The intensive collaboration and the union among the artist is reflected particularly in the works displayed in the exhibition by Oriana Picciolini that's going to be launched in Rome in September. Once more they trie to enhance communication between light and colours, pictures and lamps, to evoke an ideal place and a dream-like atmosphere. The works are related to the artistic movement of Arts and Crafts, born in Britain half of the nineteenth century. His adherents were united by a common set of aesthetics, sought to reassert the importance of design and craftsmanship in all the arts in the face of increasing industrialization, which sacrifices quality in the pursuit of quantity. Alessandro's and Cristina's works draw although inspiration from the ukiyo or “floating world” school of Japanese art and Hokusai's prints. The exhibition “Quintessence” creates a new art object, amalgamating the two artists and their works. The space is composed of Cristina's lamps, that comes down from the ceiling and fills the ground with their light and Alessandro's revealed and hidden pictures, which has to be touched by the spectator, creating the balance in the centre.

ph: Kostas Papaioannou


Alessandro is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Rome in 1967. He works as an artist in the world of mass media. Alessandro has created multi visions for several public exhibitions. He has realised the graphic design and the illustrations for some programs shown by public Italian television, Rai. At the end of nineteens he has projected the graphic design for the websites of and Alessandro works as a creative for public authorities and private organizations realising their corporate identity. He collaborates with Action Aid. From 2015 with Cristina Eidel he inspired the project “art hotel” by Atelier del Granaio and designs art objects and lamps for “Art rooms”. He realises book and disc covers. In the last years he participated in Italian and foreign solo and group exhibitions (Paris, Barcelona, New York, London). In 2015 he shows his work “The transparency of the ghost” at the exposition “The reasons of the view” in Rome organized by Atelier del Granaio. In 2017 he has participated at the biennial of the artistic books in Naples. In 2017 with the Tevere Art Gallery by Luciano Corvaglia he takes part in a photo exhibition in Arles. In 2018 he designs the cover for the first edition of the art review “The 7th continent Art”.

Cristina Eidel

Cristina is a graphic designer, photograph and journalist born in Rome in 1967. She collaborated as correspondent and photograph with German newspapers. In 2015 she has founded with Alessandro Arrigo and Kostas Papaioannou the “Atelier del Granaio”, trying to find places, where artists can meet and exchange. The Hotel “Granaio di Santa Prassede” in Rome, located in an historical building became quickly a modern salon and platform for cultural and artistic events. In 2015 she curated the exhibition “ The reasons of the view or the photographed photographer”. In 2016 and 2017 it was followed by two editions of the exhibition “I dream, so I am. How to build ourself among dreams. “ From 2015 with Alessandro Arrigo she inspired the project “art hotel” by Atelier del Granaio and designs art objects and lamps for “Art rooms”.

Baruffetty (Michele Baruffetti)

Transcoding is the key word to describe Michele Barufetti's creative process. He transforms images in sound and sound in images. With this particular proceeding the musician Baruffetty achieves magic atmospheres by mixing electronic sound, samplings and rhythmic patterns. A particular obsession of Michele Baruffetty's personal artistic research is the concept of “here and now” and the physic aspect of music that unlocks the door to worlds and places that have been forgotten.

Oriana Picciolini

Oriana projects and curates national and international exhibitions of art, paintings, photographs, sculptures, private and corporate events, congresses. She manages Eudaimonia Event, an association that promotes artistic events in a variety

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