Phoenix Gallery Residency 2019

A three-week residency taking place in the Main Gallery

Public Opening Times:

Wednesdays - Fridays 11 am - 2 pm

Late Opening Friday, 2 August, 6 - 8 pm

Meet the Artists Sunday 4 August 2019 12 noon - 6 pm

Please note: During this time the gallery will be used as a studio / residency space and will not always be open to the public. Please check this page for updates on public events taking place during the residency period.

From 17 July – 4 August the Main Gallery is being transformed into a working studio as a group of local artists, including two Phoenix studio members, develop new projects in situ. At the end of the three weeks the space will be open to the public for a day, and visitors will see what the artists have been doing and learn more about their work and creative processes.

Marcelina Amelia is developing a series of paintings and artist book entitled, 'I Only Want Everything', a wry comment on the twenty-first-century culture of ‘on demand’ materialism. Each piece is a journey of self-discovery, questioning the participatory, fast-paced, performative world we live in right now.

Denise Harrison is working on a large scale painting for a forthcoming exhibition. The subject matter is led by a desire to capture the 'contained landscapes' within the soon to be demolished greenhouses in Stanmer Park, near Brighton.

Tom Heatley works in photography and large scale, site-specific installation. He is developing a pilot installation/exhibition within the gallery, trying out new materials and creating spaces within the gallery that correlate with different aspects of his creative practice.

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