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Musician Pierre Anthony

For singer/songwriter Pierre Anthony music was always a perfect escape. Growing in the rough Brightmoor area of Detroit, he was surrounded by violence and crime. Yet, he still managed to attend and graduated from Detroit School of the Arts where he was a standout vocalist. His talent even earned him a partial scholarship but, his dreams were deferred when he was convicted of a felony while trying to hustle for the rest of money he needed to attend school. Pierre Anthony served six long years in prison. It’s a common story, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Prisons are full of young men whose socioeconomic status drove them to bad decisions.

Yet, Pierre Anthony refused to accept that a return to prison would ever be his fate. “I’m labeled a black felon and that’s it,” he explains, “Companies don’t want to hire people like me. Thank God I’m able to make a living off my talent…because I’m never going back to the streets.” Instead, on his debut album, Pierre Anthony pours his heart, mind, and soul into his music.

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