Nomad artist and illustrator Arina Kokoreva

A self-portrait from personal study series.

My name is Arina Kokoreva, I’m a nomad artist and illustrator currently based in Moscow, Russia. Drawing addiction and big love for collaborating with musicians, filmmakers and other artists are two things that brought me into creative industry. 

This is a poster for PSYCHIC GARDEN — highly inspirational project created by the community of creatives located throughout the United Kingdom & the United States and specializing in the fields of film, photography, music, writing & philantropy, in partnership with global reforestation organization One Tree Planted.

My work is focused mainly on poster/cover design, short animation and editorial illustration while general interests are spreading across the fields of experimental narratives, cinema, music and the occult. In order to meet all the things I’m resonating with at one media and connect them through my work I started a personal project called MYNAH FM. It is consisting of curated playlists, notes on cinema, alternative movie posters, random nonsense, good vibes and artworks/graphic design communicating the ideas of active observation, empirical research and ecological awareness.

Feel free to tune in!

A piece drawn for MYNAH FM VOL.III playlist inspired by Tarot and Joan Miro’s work.

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