Painter Armando Cabba

I'm a Canadian born artist currently living in Paris, France where I operate my own gallery/studio Atelier Cabba. My body of work can be divided into three main series; Portraits, Brut, and Self Portraits. 

Elodie / Oil on Canvas / 81.5 x 116.5 cm

I graduated the Painting and Drawing program in Montreal before briefly attending an academy in Florence, Italy. My primary medium has always been painting and I began with realist portraits before branching out. Elodie is an example of this continued practice. A portrait goes beyond capturing the physical appearance of the subject. The sitter’s identity and relationship with the painter become intertwined thus depicting an intimate reality on canvas.

Funnel (Self Portrait) / Oil on Wood / 20 x 30 cm

While working in Italy, I began to explore the idea of temporary identities through self portraits. One is never and can never be the same person twice. The self-portrait captures a moment beyond a physical depiction of the artist. It’s a record of one’s state of mind that projects a glimpse of their short term persona. Emotions can reoccur but how we experience them can never be duplicated. I think it's important in the world of social media to explore moments where we aren't depicting ourselves in a positive light. These times are what make us human.

End 27 (Self Portrait) / Oil on Wood / 20 x 30 cm

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