Painter Auke Mulder

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

On speaking terms, acrylic on paper. The paper is 70-100cm, but the painting is a little smaller.

How imagination and reality relate to each other and where the origin of human desire can be found are questions that constitute my thinking. Longing is something like the Far. The Far will never be nearer. Every step to the horizon makes it move. The questions are never solved, remain open and search full of expectation for a new content and a new form. The Far is is not here neither there, unless it directs thoughts. That can be forwards but likewise backwards. Horizon extends in all directions. The Far is, like desire, not accesible, but is constituting- and starting point, is source or purpose, from which the present is coloured and gets its ultimate form. This is the philosophy that constitutes my work.

Synthesis II, oil on canvas 145-120cm

During the process of painting things happen that are controlled, but not planned. This “organic painting process” is of fundamental importance. The reality it aims to depict is not visually framed in advance. This reality is rather undefined abstract and it is the human ability of imagination that forms an image from these abstract figures. My work consists of two parts: lyrical abstract and abstract expressionist. What motivates me to an abstract depiction of reality is the search for a visual language that allows me to show the authenticity and intensity of my perception.

In the abstract depiction of reality, I look for the point of origin of the ultimate form, the essence of things as the germ where forming takes place , the point where form is still in its embryonic phase and the structure of emergence exists, but the ultimate form in familiar visuals remains open and receptive for a large number of opportunities. This authenticity and the possible developments that follow from this, are to me a representation of life itself and the processes that form it.

The old bridge, acrylic on canvas 90-145cm

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