Painter Bobbi Koplow

Blue Bird is a current painting.This piece is the beginning of a fairly new style-freer ,less constructive ,and more imaginative.

I am self taught and started painting in the 1980 s when my youngest  left for college.This was the perfect therapy. It not only filled the empty nest ,but helped me discover myself.What started off as a hobby is now a major part of my life. My art has taught me who I am and now I work toward where I am going.

Cattails is also a new piece. Full of energy swirling with thoughts. More expressionistic than impressionistic.I started out as an expressionistic artist and then started leaning more toward Impressionism than realism. I fell like I am going full circle.

I approach my work as a journey.both into the subconscious of the mind and the soul of the painting. My art has taught me who I am and now I work toward where I am going. Finding my way into the canvas is only half the journey; finding my way out completes the intimacy I hope to share with the viewer.

Beneath the Reef was painted in 2014.(a/c36x60))The inspiration -the beauty that many of us have yet to see beneath the sea.

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