Painter Deborah Eve Alastra

'Home in Portland', 33x33”, 2020

Why is it too much for so many, to ask that people of all colors, ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, be treated equally and respectfully?

Described by some as Impressionistic or Village Naive, Deborahs' paintings have touches of whimsy displaying her vision of the world, often seeing beauty in everyday subject matter. International living and travel throughout her life has strongly influenced her work, as does her current residence in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the US.

’New Growth’ 30x40”, 2020

In the midst of the largest worldwide health crisis in 100 years, Covid19 pandemic, the unearthing of over 400 years of racism in the USA (and around the world) with nightly protests in Portland Oregon and elsewhere, the west coast of the USA this summer was attacked by the largest wildfires in history related to a climate catastrophe created, in part, by mankind and their inability to live with respect and light tread on the natural world. This painting of New Growth symbolizes the strength of the natural world and can give one hope for regrowth and change.

‘Fighting the Current’ 30x40”, 2020

It is said that many are having unusual dreams during this pandemic. Several weeks ago I dreamt this view of myself canoeing with difficulty, towards a fantasy village shrouded in moon light.

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