Painter Francesco Zampieri

Francesco Zampieri was born in Verona, Italy, where it lives and works.

Wisteria Floribunda - Our eyes are capable of recognizing things just from their shadows. As a simplified projection of each of us they still are enough to understand what it lies between the light and our eyes. I projected the shadow of a Wisteria ramification to express it complexity, made of hundred of petals and leaves, as the human mind, an intricate diramation made of singular things, which toghether casts a bigger shade. 2015 Graphite on paper 45x45 cm

He started drawing since childhood, and in 2018, he accomplished a Master Degree in fine art academy of Venice with a specialization in paintings.

Hirundinidae recalls a precise istant. The meeting between real and oniric is emphatized by the precence itself of both body and the shadows of the swallows engaged in middle air, intertwined until its difficult to discern the body from its projection. 2016 oil on woodpaper 20x20 cm

His works, predominantly made on paper and graphite, or oil on wood, are a costant search of creating a symbolic visionary which is often half revealed trough close up images, leaving the hint of a bigger revelation without spoiling it.

“Magic Circle” is a series of work which focus on the ancient medieval tradition of circles rituality, often used to provide magical protection. My drawings act with the same purpose. A circle made of plants with the intent to shield from adverse forces.

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