Painter Jutta Bressem

"Approaches" Acrylic on canvas, 39,4 x 39,4 inches

Studying Painting and Design with a Diploma at Academy of Art and Design Wiesbaden, Germany. My work is a combination of the current inner mood and the mastery of the craft.  I go on a search and follow my intuition, starting with a series of random drawings, roughly outlined areas of colour, which are revised, changed, corrected, discarded or accepted in the course of time.

"Pirouette" Acrylic on burlap, 47x 63 inches

The central importance lies in the composition, the colour combination and the application of lines as markers or connecting elements. Through the energetic overlapping of colours and techniques, I give chance a large space in each painting.

"Times Are Changing", Acrylic on canvas, 39,4 x 39,4 inches

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