Painter Ka’Rose

Bloomy View By Ka’Rose Paper, ornament, and modern art design to delight your eyes.

Long ago when I attended 7th grade I discovered a hidden talent and that was the deep love for ART. Drawing, coloring, colors, painting, always amazed me and I would enter into a different world.

A Trial By Ka’Rose Expression of creativity through modern art-inspired design.

The world I love to escape to and express how I feel without saying a word. 8th grade my art piece was in a museum in Florida and the start of my 11th grade year I started my journey to becoming a artist.

Up, Around, and Around By Ka’Rose Modern art, paper, and glasses design to delight your eyes.

I love my work of art and sharing it with you/the world is my dream. I Am Ka’Rose.

Too Much by Ka’Rose Modern art-themed art

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