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Painter Kennice Pan

My name is Kennice and I am an artist based in Rhode Island and New Jersey. I am currently an undergraduate student studying painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. My paintings are an exploration of self—a narrative of my desires, fears, and interests as someone navigating the bridge between youth and adulthood. I like to reflect upon the dissonance between my idealization versus the reality of the world, and the product is often a longing for childhood innocence and naivety. My work serves as a sort of journal for me through the documentation of my emotions and thoughts as I continue to mature and experience the world.

Material and process is a large part of my practice as well. In my drawings in particular, I want to explore the boundaries of materials in terms of mark, texture, and value. Many of my drawings are mixed media, using materials such as wet and dry charcoal, conte crayon, ink, gouache, watercolor, and acrylic. I am fascinated by how materials behave and how they interact with one another to overpower, create transparencies, and blend. I want viewers to follow my process of creating and the emotions during that process through the aggression or tenderness of touch, brushstrokes, and marks.

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