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Painter Liesbeth Serlie

Liesbeth Serlie, is an artist, born in Leiden, in 1967. From an early age she has been stimulated by the creative in the form of drawing and painting. The art academy has always had her interest and the passion for painting remained. From 2011-2017 she attended Higher Degree in Painting studies at the Arendonk Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium and graduated with honorable mention. Subsequently a year of specialization.

Liesbeth has her studio in the stables of her farmhouse. A wonderful space to work on her paintings. Once she is inspired, she wants to paint the silver screen as quickly as possible. She puts it roughly with a loose hand, with a brush or a piece of chalk, and after a while something beautiful is created. That development remains something magical for her. She always finds it special how work is created and subsequently gives her a happy feeling. It is really addictive. Inspiration comes from everyday things, such as magazines, newspapers, nature, but also other painters. Or she sees someone in an attitude or with a certain expression. But colors or compositions can just as well inspire her. In a certain way it is also quite tiring, "you are constantly aware of beautiful images."

“Her work mainly consists of a powerful loose style. She prefers a lot of color in different shades in combination with a sign-like finish. Currently she works mainly with acrylic paint, which means she can work faster and it fits more with her style and "handwriting". Using chalk and charcoal for the graphic finish. She also has a preference for large format canvases. “That paints nicely, it makes me more unrestrained and my work more spontaneous.’”

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