Painter Liese Gauthier

"With Cynical Daring" Sometimes, as I am working, I am so focused that the entire world melts away, and then I look up and the painting is complete. That is exactly what occurred with this painting. I was responding to the work intuitively, and I adore how the colors and patterns work together. I wish I could paint this piece over and over everyday- but that isn't how art works, is it? 8"x6" on canvas panel. Materials include acrylic paint, and graphite.

I work to convey joy, energy and freedom in my work. Abstract painting is the best way for me to communicate these feelings while exploring new ways of creating. Through painting, I need to constantly challenge myself and come up with new ideas and methods. It is a joy and challenge to create something that has never been made before.

Each painting is a series of decisions: what colors to use, how to vary the value, shape and size of elements. I work in many layers to build interest and history in the work.  I work in many layers to build interest and history in the work. Collage adds structure and paint obscures and adds interest. Decisions teach me what to keep and what to change- and so I learn and grow as an artist.

"Larrikin" With this series I opened up a different way of working with paint, collage and lines that is exciting to me. This excitement comes across in the movement, energy and boldness of this piece. This title is taken from a Robert Frost Poem. His work conveys the honesty and insight that I hope my work conveys as well. 8"x6" on canvas panel. Materials include acrylic paint, collage and graphite.

I believe that my work  is best when I make the mental shift into exploration and play supported by a scaffolding of theory and technique. Letting go of expectations and creating layers enables surprises to happen in each piece. Then, on the next layer, I begin by examining the elements of the piece- how the eye moves around the painting, where value shifts occur, what variety there is in the shapes. Then I shift back into paint/play mode and the process continues.

"A Meaningless Name" There are some vibrant colors on this piece, but what makes them work are the more muted tones. The mustard yellow sets off the bold, sunny, yellow, and the blot of blue gray in the upper right corner makes me swoon. Working on different materials always sparks new creative directions, and that certainly happened here. 12"x9" on canvas panel. Materials include acrylic paint, collage and graphite.

I love how painting challenges me to think and create, and I hope that my work provides a glimpse into this process.

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