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Painter Nelli Zdanovich

Painter Nelli Zdanovich

"I give the painting a color that will not allow you to stay on the surface. It feels like you don't want to pay attention on the details or understand the plot.

The color creates a feeling within you, and you catch it, identify it.

It's not a way of self- knowledge. It's the response of your inner light to the outer. Just like the moon responds to sunlight.

You also understand the path of life flows in you."

Painter Nelli Zdanovich

"I often use close collision of contrasting colors. But colors of the same spectrum with long transitions also spill nearby. This is the neighborhood that activates sensitive receptors and feelings come to you.

Alive paintings create movement not on the canvas, but inside of you.

My way is to create alive paintings."

Painter Nelli Zdanovich

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