Painter Nina Ždanovič

“Look away” Japanese mineral pigments on Japanese paper 25x20 cm, 2019 The painting features two people caught in an urban setting. The city behind the two seems as if it’s floating, pulsating. It reminds of a dream, or a distant memory: some parts aren’t as sharp as the others, and the atmosphere is filled simultaneously with a sense of uncertainty, and a warm reassuring light of a setting sun.

I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was always an artsy kid, doing painting, theatre, dance, writing: any form of self-expression I felt was right. The one that stuck with me was drawing and painting.

untitled. Watercolor on paper 14x21 cm, 2018 The illustration features two young women in the beginning of their relationship. They both are wearing traditional Japanese male clothing. There is a sense of festivity and excitement associated with falling in love and pride of being who you are.

I graduated from Asian Studies department at my University, and moved to Japan. There, I started painting more than ever before, and I discovered a centuries-long traditional Japanese painting tradition, which uses mineral pigments as its medium. As someone living 8,000 km away from the place I was born and raised in, nostalgia and semi-forgotten memories is an important component of my creative work.

“Almost there” Japanese mineral pigments on a washi board 26x20 cm, 2019. This painitng is a part of Memories series. The series focuses on memories and family ties. The dominating color of this painting is pink, which evokes feelings of childishness, innocence, and, perhaps, revisiting memories while wearing rose colored glasses.

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