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Painter Oleg Agafonov

About Oleg Agafonov:

The artist was born in Suvorov, Russia. His works are based on the history of power, disappointments, wins (victories) and broken dreams, big promises, and performances, beautiful and wise people. His art is based on the concept of how to be a child of big and great history. The artist was born in the Soviet Union but he grew on its remains, he wandered in withered villages that were surrounded with great space of blossom forests and herbs.

He is the child who has got the Soviet's materialistic education and maintained a romantics entropy of "Silver age" feelings. His art about exploring worlds that come across Mysticism with materialism. With interest in abstract expressionism, he is mixing ideas of esoteric and cultural practices to rethink and present another side of reality. His works have been exhibited in Russia, Italy, Poland, USA.

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