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Painter Patrick Duffy

The Concept of Space plays an important role in my process of painting. It reveals itself in the form of paradoxes, appearing on the surface of the canvas or paper in discrete forms combined into a network of images. Through the use of mediums such as archival ink, flat and glossy acrylic and oil paint, I am able to deconstruct the work, breaking it down to each element. It is then that I can reconstruct the imagery, creating an unspoken dialogue based on the relationships and interactions between them.

I see our reality not just as branching lines, but an expansive network with no central point. My work expresses idiosyncratic explorations of space, patterns and the perception of time in imagery that helps to untangle interconnected thoughts. I always find myself connecting everything. All conscious living organisms on this planet are fundamentally explorers in pursuit of knowledge, trying to understand the true nature of our reality. Everything connects to everything else. Knowing that I will never really understand the true nature of our reality is exciting; a guiding element and engine in my process.

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