Painter Rachelle Scott

Cerro Azul I Rachelle Scott Oil on Canvas 120x150cm 2014

Painting is to me a moment out of time, an opportunity to reflect on the fragility of things and of our humanity. A moment in life to question myself in profound recognition of their interactions with the magnificence or the poverty that surround’s a time of wonder.

Bouquet des Champs Rachelle Scott Oil on Canvas 50x40 cm 2020

Expressing myself on a canevas is also to me, the time of recalling precious memories that had marked my path, sometimes changing or comforting my perception of the world, leaving in my heart deep footprints which make me who I am. I see myself as a humble but lucky ephemeral traveller through this world of ours, from shadows to its lights, through its essences, its vibrations and its colors. ~ Rachelle Scott

Blue Moon Mangrove Rachelle Scott Oil on Canvas 90x100cm 2018

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